NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes – 2023-04-11

(quite late again, sorry about that)

Attendees: Théophane, Jonas, Eelco, Ron


  • Review Nix event funding applications
  • Financials/banking
  • Documentation Team
  • Communicating with the board
  • NGI packaging Matthias would like us to hire somebody to support NGI packaging / SoN:
  • Critical Prioritization
  • Review the issue board


  • We should specify how people can get reimbursed for events (e.g. by filing an opencollective expense)
  • Approved ZHF Zurich event
  • Bunq (bank account) access
    • Bunq currently only supports EU citizens, so we can’t add Ron to the account. So we’ll try Théophane instead.
  • Financials/Banking
    • Ron created first report categorization for 2022, will follow up and expected monthly expense rate and budget forecast
  • Docs team donation
    • A lot of folks have been donating with flox donating the first 5k
    • Board is donating 1k
  • More channels to communicate with the board
  • Admin hiring to also support SoN
    • Jonas going to look into this and start moving on next steps