NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes – 2024-03-26


  • [RE] Janik Board Observer
  • [RE] Exec Director Request
  • [RE] Sponsorship policy
  • [RE] NixCon
    • NA Recap
    • Europe
  • [ED] Board membership


Janik becoming a board observer:

  • Note for future: Need to set expectations with board observers and align with foundation goal/role, team operations
  • Decision: Janik to join as board observer

Proposal to frame how to structure/handle projects like NGI and STF / Exec Director

  • Write up a proposal publicly to the github tracker
  • There’s areas to improve around SON - as this is a live project, lets first get this to be successful for 2024
  • @Théophane Hufschmitt to follow up

Sponsorship policy

  • Brought up for discussion
  • Ryan - Spoke with piegames and requested we postpone to the next board meeting as piegames is working on the proposal

Board membership

  • Official process of resignation (i.e. Domen) should be done by at least email.
  • We will add Jonas as a new official board member and also update the registration accordingly. (Eelco)


  • NA Recap
  • Europe
    • update: working on a concrete proposal for a venue
    • Janik will keep posted once he has a contract from the venue.

Congratulations and thank you @Janik :slight_smile:

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