NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes - August 12, 2022


  • Structure for financials - payments/donations
    • Reviewing Opencollective
    • Reviewing creating charitable status for Nix
    • Enabling
  • Banking
    • NixCon sponsorship and tickets
    • NixCon payments
    • other payments
  • NixCon Update
  • Admin


  • Non-profit and charitable status: OpenCollective
    • There is an open platform where you can see the transactions
    • This is one of the non-profits that is made for the open source community
    • You don’t get tax deductible status for donations
      • Could be an issue since it incentivizes further donations
    • They can help with employment, organizing conferences
    • You can have multiple non profits on the platform
    • There are some areas we would need to look into here
      • How complex is the onboarding/offboarding?
      • What will we be doing through the OpenCollective?
    • Fee is 10%
    • Decision - Research the needs and what we plan to use the Open Collective for. Look into the cost/benefit of the 10% fee and alternatives.
  • Utilize a tool to track items we are working on and assignment
    • We have some GitHub repos:
      • GitHub - NixOS/nixos-foundation ← we’ll use this one by default
      • At times we will also have tasks that are not present in the public github if privacy or financial implications force the situation.
  • NixCon
    • Talks : We have over 20 talks and one week left to submit. Market out and support folks in proposing talks!
    • Sponsors : List is growing! Over 15k committed :slight_smile:
    • Board fireside chat will be one of the talks at NixCon with the entire NixOS board
    • Created a spreadsheet of all expenses and submit to NixOS Board
    • Finalize board budget for NixCon
    • NixOS foundation will be able to manage sponsorships for NixCon
    • We are evaluating a few different options for fiscal hosting due to tax regulations of tickets sales in France
  • In Person Board meeting
    • Before or after the NixCon
  • Admin stuff
    • Changed foundation address (due to updates)
    • Armijn is working on the annual reports with Rob

Action Items

  • NixCon
    • Push and market talk proposals
    • Finalize fiscal hosting for ticket sales
  • Define and release a NixOS Board 3 months plan

Not sure if relevant: estonian entities are darn simple to set up and manage (remotely) thanks to their e-citizenship program, and all income reinvestments are free of earnings tax. Not sure about the charitable status posture, though.

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