NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes - Dec 20, 2022


  • Defining key priorities and splitting ownership
    • Charitable status
    • Trademark
    • Board Funding Projects in Nix
    • Nix 20th anniversary
    • Accountant
    • Admin
    • Empowering Teams
    • Board Structuring


  • NixCon
    • Need to strengthen the relationship with the NixCon team and make it more officially a community effort
    • Action Items:
      • Schedule a call for this week with board & NixCon team
  • Board priorities
    • We’ve spread very thin over the last months
    • Would be better to focus on one or two issues
      • Also maybe section the board into taskforces
Complexity Priority Members Notes
Charitable Status Low Mid Will take time to complete 6m to 12m
Trademark Low High Will take time to complete 6m to 12m
Board Funding Projects Mid High
Nix 20th Low/Mid High @Ron, @domenkozar , @grahamc Should be mostly handled by the marketing team, the board should just be here to provide support
Accountant Low Low/Unclear
Admin Mid High
Empowering Teams High High
Board Structuring High High @regnat , @edolstra , @armijn
  • Action items
    • Split the projects into individual macro tasks

What does T-shirt sizing mean?

Oh sorry, I should have reworded that. It’s a complexity estimate. I’ve changed it in the post.

what does ‘trademark’ mean?

I assumed it is about this:

Or the Dutch equivalent.

Will the Board strive to operate any community support functions via the Foundation in the future?

“Empowering Teams”, while very important seems also a bit of an arbitrary pick.

Rather than a task assortment that could be labeled somehow “strategic”, I’d expect the Board to set the organizational categories into which the community’s thrive may (optativ!) be channeled.

A Board is not a Working Group.