NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes - Jan 3, 2023


  • Admin role
  • Break down key priorities
  • NixCon
  • GitHub follow up

Meeting notes

Admin role

  • Everybody agrees we need an admin
  • Stuff to discuss: Roles and price
    • We could start with just a couple of hours a week, and see whether we need to increase
    • How much money do we have, and how much can we allocate?
      • Figure out the hourly rate
    • Needs a proper job description
    • A non-technical admin could be very useful

Action Items

  • Define budget for 2023, understand scope we have for salary
  • Define Job description
  • Publish.


  • Didn’t manage to meet with the team
  • Try again setting up a meeting

Action items

  • Schedule a call with the NixCon team


Action Items

  • Set a call with Taeer and Rok (who are behind the nixos-metrics repo) to see what we can extract


  • Two candidates in the Netherlands
  • Our accounting is actually fairly simple, so hopefully that should be cheap

GitHub follow-up

  • We need to digest the big GitHub thread
  • Then we can send that digest to GitHub and discuss it with them

Action items

  • Digest the thread
  • Send that to GitHub