NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes - July 15, 2022


  • Acquire nix. domain
  • Formalizing teams
    • Formalization framework
    • Infra team
    • Nix team
  • NixCon
    • Payments and bank account
    • General status
  • Non-profit/charitable status


  • Acquiring a nix focused domain i.e. nix.(something common)
    • Probably nix .com ending is too expensive
    • Working with a broker looking into this
    • Once we have pricing we want to evaluate
  • Empowering and formalizing teams
    • Infra team
      • Need to ensure that team members only have access to what they need
    • Nix team
      • Need to set this up
    • We will finish up a doc on team formalization
  • NixCon update
    • Organizers are aligned and running
    • Dates/location are finalized - Paris, October 20/21 and Hackathon on October 22
    • Not enough volunteers yet
    • Foundation can (probably) sign stuff like venue rentals - need to sync
    • We should also be able to use the foundation bank account - also sync
    • Venue: looking at a couple of options
      • What should be the capacity? Bruno was 160 attendees so that’s probably approximately how many people we can expect.
    • Ticket price: expecting to set at the same of prior NixCons - €50
    • Should have a board meeting in Paris around NixCon
    • Starting to work on sponsorship and sponsorship tracks
  • Non-profit/charitable status
    • Will have more about this in two weeks
  • Summer of Nix
    • Participant contracts have been signed
    • SoN 2022 is starting July 18
    • This will spend the remainder of the NGI budget

Action Items

  • Sync with treasury on:
    • Foundation signing venue rental agreements, etc
    • Using the Foundation bank account for NixCon
  • NixCon
    • Need to form a program committee to review talk proposals inclusively
    • Ask for more volunteers
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