NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes - March 28, 2023


  • Nix 20th Anniversary
  • Funding and grant program
  • Budget
  • Trademark
  • Nix logo copyright
  • Board transparency, prioritization and communications
  • Review Nix event funding applications
  • NGI0 Commons Fund
  • Blocked Financials - SoN / NGI

Meeting Notes

  • Nix 20th Anniversary

    • The global Nix meetup effort was largely successful and resulted in over 15 meetups across the globe. &
    • Funding program was kicked off during this time
  • Community funding and grant program → Nix Event Funding - Announcements - NixOS Discourse

    • Kicked off the program, need to receive feedback on the first iteration and how to improve
    • Six funding/grant requests were submitted and all have been approved. All funding requests were in relations to Nix 20th meetups with an average request of ~200 euro
    • Funding form payment
      • The default should be to reimburse after the fact, can decide on a case-by-case basis if needed
      • How to transfer the money?
        • IBAN is great for people that can use it
        • Wise otherwise
        • Open collective can be used to keep a public trace of the transfers
  • NGI0 Commons Fund

    • New round (2.3 time bigger than the current rounds).
      • In the past we’ve used a bit of that kind of money for some packaging effort and improving, but mostly summer of Nix
      • More generally, we could use that for anything that can benefit NGI
      • We could build a list of relevant projects, and make open calls to find people to work on them
    • Will speak with Michiel:
      • to understand the scope and submission for other Nix community members
      • to understand a bit better where/how we can utilize the funding inside the Nix community via the foundation submission
  • transfer

    • Need to know how to formally hand the copyright over
      • Could we just reuse the existing CLA for that?
    • $300/year domain costs
  • SoN financial

    • @Ron and @Eelco Dolstra went through the financials of the Summer of Nix to unblock the next edition
  • Trademark status

    • Waiting for the logo copyright transfer
      • Have a written email approval, but need to get a more formal contractual agreement
    • Policy - Community led. Support setting up conversation on the topic across the community. Survey.

@ron regarding the transfer, the CLA has been removed.

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