NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes – Nov 22, 2022


  • GitHub
  • Event form
  • Roadmap
  • Board transition
  • NixOS/Nix Trademark
  • US Charitable Status


  • GitHub call
  • Event form
    • Make fields required
    • Add a question about how your event will help Nix and the community (find better wording for this)
    • Create post about this to better set expectations
    • Add information about this on the website
    • Should ask budget in EUR or ask what the currency is
    • Link to the form from the website
    • We should specify a budget cap, e.g., EUR 500-100 for a typical event. If more is needed, they should contact the foundation via email.
  • Nix 20 Anniversary PR and Event
    • Create a post/blog about Nix to share with the world
    • Potentially create a few events to celebrate across the world
  • Board – Rob/Treasury
    • Treasury – Rob scope written down which includes accounting, banking, and taxes
    • Eelco has been given permissions to the Dutch “eherkonning” system (used for the Tax submissions in particular)
  • Macs
    • We have a few old ones that can be given to community members
  • Trademark
    • Need to act on that. Will try to contact a lawyer within the week to know what our options are.

Can we collect ‘testimonials’ on Nix for the 20th anniversary post?

Because Nix is blowing up recently, a lot of people think it’s a much newer project than it is. Because it has somewhat infamous rough edges, a lot of people emphasize aspects of the ecosystem’s perceived immaturity. Because Nix spawns endless new applications, extensions, and reworkings, many longtime community members are eagerly focused on the future.

For all of those reasons, I think some 20th anniversary media would be a great place for community celebrations of all the ways that Nix has already proven useful, and for many of us, even irresistible. I think a lot of folks would be happy to contribute some statements of pride on the one hand and gratitude on the other.

Maybe there could be a few categories like

  • stories about things users were surprised or delighted to discover they could achieve with Nix
  • praise for the community or stories about positive community interactions
  • retrospectives on the positive and exciting aspects of Nix’s trajectory by longtime users and contributors
  • stories about the first time one used Nix
  • stories about the first time one ‘got it’ with respect to the Nix paradigm
  • stories/statements celebrating projects that were created in part because of Nix— either to work with it or that were inspired by it in some way (crucially Guix, but also pnpm, Denxi, and others)
  • stories about research based on Nix or citing work on Nix

I think this is a great idea, maybe we spin up a small temp/tag team as part of the marketing team to tackle this specifically?