NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes – Oct 7, 2022


  • Team empowerment draft
  • NixCon update

Meeting notes

  • Teams empowerment
    • Valentin suggested that we discuss with the current team leads before making anything official
    • Would make a lot of sense, just need to decide which team to beta-test on
    • discussion directly on the draft (will be made public in the coming weeks)
  • NixCon update
    • Ron advanced some money to make the payment easier, will be invoiced to the community
    • A bit more than 200 confirmed attendants
    • Hiring happy-hour on the first day
    • Board fireside chat
      • Is everyone available?
      • Will poll the community for what we want the community wants to ask us
      • Will be hosted by Jonas. Try to keep things fluid and conversational
  • Ngi0 meeting
    • Happened yesterday
    • Will have to settle all the payments that go through them (SoN in particular) by eom
    • Would be nice to advertise Ngi0 more since they can offer funding for projects
  • Board formalization
    • The old board will meet next week to finalize the formal transition
  • US nonprofit
    • Went on the backburner because of NixCon and teams
    • Eelco and Armijn talked to a german nonprofit ( which apparently has an equivalent nonprofit status in the US
      • Need to talk to them more to understand what that is
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