NixOS Foundation - Meet and Unblock Friday

When I was at Oceansprint this year, I saw two things;

  • A lot of motivated people that want to work on NixOS. And sometimes that energy is lost because they don’t know how to make things happen.
  • It wasn’t always clear how to talk to the NixOS Foundation. It’s good to break that barrier down.

Because I have been around for a long time, part of the NixOS Foundation, the infra team, and organized NixCon, I think I can help. Answer your questions, unblock you or at least point you in the right direction.

And @ron also offered to help. Ron helped revamp the NixOS Foundation, organized NixCon and has a lot of connections outside of the NixOS ecosystem. He is also the one who introduced me to this unblock philosophy.

So this is a bit of an experiment, but the idea is to dedicate one hour every two weeks to address whatever comes up. We will answer your questions, unblock you, or at least put you in contact and point you towards the right direction.

The format

Raise your digital hand and wait to be picked. We will try to address as many items as possible during the available time.

I want to keep this informal so the chat is not recorded. The goal is to connect.


The first meet is today!


I recommend using the time widget built into Discourse that automatically translates times to the user’s time zone.

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Nice, thanks for the advice

Great!! Would like to join to understand more about nix and nixos.

It’s a wrap for today. See you in two weeks!


AFAICT, this is not in the community calendar yet?


Are these meetings going to be recorded and uploaded publicly so that the people who couldn’t join live can review them later ??

As written in the OP, there is no recording.


Is the time widget wrong? There isn’t a meeting right now.

Maybe it’s set to just be every 2 weeks without zimbatm needing to manually confirm it.

Oops, something happened with my calendar and the next one is actually next Friday.

I updated the original widget. Can somebody add it to the shared calendar as well?

The next event is today!

Today is a wrap. We were able to help with:

  • How to get a Matrix channel setup.
  • What to do to get your team added on the NixOS website.
  • The process to join nixpkgs committers.

See you in two weeks!

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Great thanks for doing this once again.

Bumping this. The next event is today!

I apologize to @cbleslie for telling him to “quit his whining”, as funny as it was it was also utterly inappropriate. Sorry CB!

We good :100:. Not offended. :wink:

Last time was really good. Next one is in one hour!

Sorry I have to cancel today’s event, some last minute production issue came up :slight_smile: