NixOS Foundation Update - Github Collaboration - April 12

TL;DR - Our next meeting with the Github team is on April 12, share here or on the foundation github issue any topics/feedback/requests so that we can bring them up. Github Request List - Feedback/Issues/Features · Issue #25 · NixOS/foundation. If there’s an issue that was listed but not addressed yet please feel free to bring it up.

Previous Meeting Notes & Summary - NixOS & Github : Meeting Notes and Updates - January 2023 - Development / NixOS Foundation - NixOS Discourse

Part of the foundations wider effort to build relationships for the community across the wider ecosystem that we can utilize to help empower, unblock and support different efforts. This is a collaboration that we kicked off back in November - NixOS & Github - Collaboration! - Announcements - NixOS Discourse. We meet once a quarter to go over everything :slight_smile:

Current Agenda for the Call

  • Followups
    • tarball vs packages?
    • Git gc
    • Top NixOS Github Feedback/Issue/Requests
  • Codespaces w/ special guest Craig Peters
  • Projects
  • 20th Anniversary