NixOS Freez on 46% install

Hello. i been tryed install NixOS with GUI installer but it’s every time freez on 46%, i was think that this is normal because maybe big file and it install it but no i wait 1 hour and nothing was happend. also i tryed with GNOME and KDE gui installer but it also dont change something. also i tryed bootable iso with rufus,balena etcher and other popular apps but still it’s don’t work. also livecd system start works low and not fast like console is loading very very slow. but i never been have it in other distros i been use Opensuse debian or ubuntu.does anybody also been have this error and know how fix it?

This is normal, and depending on the size of your system closure and your internet connection it can sit there for minutes to hours.

From what I understand, there is currently no way to properly report progress between the nix build and the installer.