`nixos-generate-config` does not recognize mount optoons

This was mentioned here before but the solution of
“just add the stuff that should be generated automatically to another file”
did not make me feel that this was the right solution as it would break my file compartmentalization.

I want to mount a filesystem with nofail and user because it is meant to be removed from the server on a weekly basis.

I can do that with editing the hardware-configuration.nix manually, but there’s got to be an automated solution to do that, right?

Of course, it’s a module (like any other) that you’re free to edit as you please. Your config can be comprised of as few or as many files as you wish.

Short of changing the nixos-generate-config script, not that I know of. And IIRC there was a reason only some mount options were preserved, but I don’t recall the reason itself offhand.