NixOS image for Raspberry Pi 3B armv7?

I’d like to install nixos on my old raspberry pi 3b rev 1.2 which is armv7. I have some beginner questions:

  • I do need an armv7 image, right? I can’t use the aarch64 images?
  • From reading this I understand that I can’t find an image for armv7 on hydra. Is that correct?
  • Are there any guides that takes you from A->Z for armv7? I’m struggling to put pieces from NixOS on ARM - NixOS Wiki together to build an image.
  • I’m considering just getting a newer raspberry pi. Maybe that would make my life easier?


It should boot fine with an aarch64 image. Just give it a try:


Thanks! I can confirm that it does indeed boot with such an image. Beginner question: Why is that?

The prozessor in your Raspberry Pi 3 is an ARMv8. With ARMv8 the 64-bit extension was introduced: AArch64. Though, you could run binaries for ARMv7 on it, as it has backward compatibility.

Quote from Wikipedia on AArch64: “AArch64 provides user-space compatibility with the existing 32-bit architecture (“AArch32” / ARMv7-A), and instruction set (“A32”).”


For a bit of clarification, the Pi 3B is aarch64. Raspberry Pi OS recommends armv7, but that’s just so that they can use the same software for all Pi models.


Thank you for the clarification. This was why I was confused initially. I was under the wrong impression that my raspberry pi 3b was armv7, and not aarch64.

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