NixOS inside VMWare - dual monitor stopped working


I’m using NixOS from within VMWare Workstation Player. Somewhere between nixpkgs revision 1d7db1b9e4cf1ee075a9f52e5c36f7b9f4207502 and e0169d7a9d324afebf5679551407756c77af8930 the dual monitor feature of the player stopped working.

I suspect the guest-tools but have no clue on how to even debug that.

I wonder if anyone has a solution or can even reproduce the problem?


I’ve encountered the same problem. The culprid is this commit: nixos/vmware-guest: Remove the video driver · NixOS/nixpkgs@5157246 · GitHub

The Hardware acceleration is still working, but resolution scaling and multi monitor setups fail.
You can easily work around the problem by just placing the removed snippet manually in your config and rebuild:

    services.xserver.videoDrivers = [ "vmware" ];
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