Nixos installer - encryption options

I just installed nixos unstable with the new graphical installer by @davidak and @vlinkz a few days ago. It annoyes me, that everytime, I get the encryption password wrong, I have to reboot, because grub drops into the rescue shell. Also the encryption via GRUB is very slow.
A year ago, I installed NixOS with encryption. With that configuration the entire /boot was unencrypted and the kernel was loaded and could unencrypt my system much faster. It would also ask me again for my password, if my first attempt was wrong.
It would be super nice, if the installer had an option for this. :slight_smile:

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Its really unexpected to me that encrypted grub is the default for encryption. A standard encrypted installation would not include that and would boot straight into crypsetup and luks.

A few days ago I used the latest unstable Installer Image and it worked. Now I dont have to reboot, if I get my Password wrong.
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