Nixos installer garbled GRUB menu and doesn't boot correctly

I’ve been trying to install nixos on my pc, I’ve used both the dd command on my laptop which is running nixos and rufus on my windows partition on the same pc. I’ve attempted to burn the minimal installer and the gnome and kde installers but they have all ended up with a garbled grub screen. I can still see the options fine, but the white outline is made up of ampersand characters rather than the white block characters. After that I’ve tried selecting the standard installer options as well as the nomodeset options since I’ve heard of that option helping some with nvidia gpus (such as myself) get to the installer screen. No matter what option I choose though, the screen just goes black and the system goes unresponsive until I force shut it off.

I’ve verified the installer images with the provided sha256 hashes from the nixos download page. I’m at the end of my knowledge-base when it comes to this issue. I’m not sure if nixos recently updated their installer images, but the image I had a week ago that I used to install nixos on my laptop worked fine. I’ve since overwritten that drive so I don’t have immediate access to the old installer anymore, but maybe if anyone knows where I could find older nixos installer images? Or if you recognize my issue as something else and still would like to offer some guidance, anything would be appreciated.