NixOS installer: less privileged nixos user

I’m installing NixOS 19.09, and after putting the minimal ISO on a USB and booting from it, I was prepared to set up my partitions. Referencing my notes from previous installs, I ran fdisk -l to list the current partitions, but got a bunch of “Permission denied” errors.

I see in the 19.09 release notes:

The installer now uses a less privileged nixos user whereas before we logged in as root. To gain root privileges use sudo -i without a password.

I could just run sudo -i and continue how I have in the past, but is this change is an indication that there’s a different approach that’s preferred?

Was the intent to encourage users to prepend sudo to the commands that need it, rather than logging in as root?

Or perhaps there’s a different use-case that motivated this change?

I think what it does is follow the best practice of never logging in with root.
I don’t know the exact reason but it‘s quite reasonable, as you should have to use sudo after the installation, too.
It also adds a security layer if somebody e.g. browses the web, connects to irc, etc. with the live boot - which might be a risk.
Especially if an old ISO with outdated software is used…

This is probably the real reason. People use live ISOs to troubleshoot their existing systems all the time, which can involve running all sorts of internet connected programs like a browser. So it’s much safer to have a permissions barrier between firefox/etc. and your real system’s data.

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