NixOS IRC now requires nick registration?

It seems like the #NixOS channel on IRC now (since today) requires registration with NickServ?
Did I miss something?

This is temporary, it will be disabled after this round of Freenode spamming is over.

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This may not be “temporary” for a small amount of time, though. The last time it went on for something like three weeks.

I wouldn’t assume it’s temporary, even though we want it to be temporary, because external bad actors unrelated to NixOS are making it a mess for everyone on Freenode (and even other IRC servers). Though, we’re sorry and understand how disrupting and annoying it is.

See this knowledge base answer from Freenode for help about registering

Of importance:

Logging In

You’ll need to log in to your nickname each time you reconnect to freenode.

The simplest, and most robust, way to do this is to configure SASL, if your client supports it. If not, you can supply your login details, in the form <account>:<password>, as a server password and they will be forwarded to NickServ when you finish connecting. For example:
/connect 6667 mquin:uwhY8wgzWw22-zXs.M39p

Making your client use this kind of authentication (sending the password at connection) will help you get right in the channel instead of being redirected to the unregistered channel.

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