NixOS ISO for armv7l

I was wondering if anyone have an NixOS ISO (graphical or minimal, anything really) lying around for the armv7l architecture.

I am trying to flash a Raspberry Pi 2B (so no aarch64 does not cut it).

On top of trying to avoid this bug and in general just to stop unnecessary build times, having an ISO I could flash would make it simpler (I hope).

You can try this iso, but your board must support uefi boot (for example via u-boot) or this sd-image. Both are native armv7-linux images.

Nothing seems to point that the Raspberry PI 2B support UEFI.

Thank you none the less I might try it for future wanderers.

If you can install u-boot it should be able to boot that iso, sd-image is also on the table. You can also use armv7l-linux cache if you just want to build packages:
Public key:

Did you try flashing the SD card from true SD card image already?

I built one for the original raspberry pi (armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf) this summer, after a long and painful series of fixes to Nixpkgs.
You can get the config here. I expect you can adapt it to the raspberry pi 2 or at least use it as a starting point.

I did but I have yet to manage building anything that is not in the cache

Thank you for the link! I will peak into it if need be !