Nixos kde plasma intel iGPU graphics # reproducible?


the system is a P340 i7-10700 CPU Mesa Intel UHD 630 iGPU
Kernel is linuxPackages_zen

trying nixos 21.11 current plasma iso nixos-plasma5-21.11.334247.573095944e7-x86_64-linux.iso
the monitor shows “no connection” after LVM unlock
typing into the black the user and password gets the display back again.

But the display is not usable, icons get shown but are not on this position so that they could be clicked

Ctrl+Alt+F2 & login
and back again with Ctrl+Alt+F7 and the display is a little bit fix, as far as now the icons can be clicked

  • where is reproducibility in Nixos (but on the marketing homepage)?
  • what for magic comes with tty?

How to solve this issue?