NixOS Kirby Artwork

I made a Kirby/Minecraft artwork that is NixOS-themed
Kirby sprite comes from Kirby Super Star Ultra

Original image is lossless 8bit/channel 2560x1409 (sorry, no 16:9 :frog:): 1.4 MB file on MEGA

Made with Krita


I wonder what it would look like if the Nix logo was a bit pixelated.
And it seems kirby isn’t correctly aligned with the logo.
Why is it in a minecraft background?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea :smiley:

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It’s not aligned on purpose because Kirby isn’t facing our POV. If I aligned correctly, Kirby’s eyes wouldn’t be looking at the logo

It’s Minecraft specifically because… ummm… yes :frog:

No particular reason :frog:

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