NixOS Licensing for government and commercial use

Hello, I’m using NixOS on my workstation on work equipment. The IT guys are asking me if it is free to use for government and commercial environments. I noticed on the website there are support options, but is there a site I can point to that plainly states that it is free to use for government and commercial use?

BTW, I’m just a single user, this is not a system-wide implementation. I’m just trying to coax the IT folks to let me use it instead of Windows.


I don’t know of any such thing, but Nix and NixOS are widely documented as being open source, and you might be able to refer to the OSI definition here: specifically points 5 and 6 (no restriction on usage).

Note however that nixpkgs is a collection of software packages, not all of them being open source, and you’d have to refer to the license for the software you’re using (and its dependencies). In general, nixpkgs provides the facilities to avoid accidentally using unfree packages, but as an unorganized group of volunteers the nixpkgs contributors can’t provide you guarantees that the licensing information is accurate. Those kind of claims would be what a commercial contract with a company may be able to provide you.


Yeah, but let’s just say the person I’m dealing with is dense to say the least :slight_smile: . Just to prove a point, I picked Fedora off the top of my head and went to the website. A few lines down on the website is “100% free and open source”., panel on the right, “Debian is a complete Free Operating System!” if you click on “Our Philosophy” first section “Our Mission: Creating a Free Operating System” and it has what their definition of “free” means. etc. I can probably look at more and reference the license that they release under. Maybe GNU or MIT who knows, just guessing.

Not sure if this would suffice, but on the main github page is the MIT license: GitHub - NixOS/nixpkgs: Nix Packages collection & NixOS :

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
“Software”), to deal in the Software without restriction

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Nice, yeah, I think that should do it. :crossed_fingers: Thank you for digging this up. I didn’t think about looking in the Git repo.