NixOS Matrix: how do you participate?

I see mentions of NixOS Matrix channels all over the place, but every time I try joining I face technical difficulties. How do other people join these chats?

I’ve tried two different Matrix clients, and neither are particularly pleasant to use; they both expose incomprehensible implementation details of Matrix and/or apparently fail to support important protocol features. It additionally feels like there’s a >50% chance that any given time I try launching a client I’ll run into some problem with my Matrix account (on – I’ll get an infinite loading spinner, or no list of channels, or some other bizarre thing.

Is it really just me that has these experiences?

argh, sorry to hear that.

I am quite unfamiliar with the matrix protocol and ecosystem.
I have been able to connect to the NixOS channels using the Element client:

I did have some trouble resetting my password recently with Element client. Otherwise it felt like a modern chat web application.

You are not alone! In my experience, some cutting-edge technologies have a much higher investment of configuration, etc. Seems to me why some OSS folks stick to IRC and the like.

Unfortunately, all Matrix clients are problematic in some way. Most of the people I know use Element and I guess everybody learned what to touch and what not to keep it somehow functional. By my experience, threads are the most problematic feature.

But with every new version there is a hope of change :slight_smile:


Even with Element, even ignoring the fact that Matrix supports threads (which I did not previously know!), there are somehow five different types of channel/space/room/“place where I can send messages”, with half of them being some kind of ancient legacy thing to do with the IRC bridge that I don’t know how to get rid of, and the rest having no obvious way to organise or browse them…

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