NixOS meetup in Edinburgh/Glasgow?

Hey NixOS community,
I thought about starting a NixOS meetup in Scotland and would like to ask if we could get together enough users for that. The agenda would be similar to other NixOS meetups:
Introduce new users, exchange experiences and have a good time.
I also have not found a place yet, where such a meeting could take place.
It would be great, if somebody knows a company/society where we could host this.
If we don’t have that many folks in the beginning, we could meet up in the Edinburgh hacklab.

There was some talk about this on IRC recently as well, maybe get in touch with those people :slight_smile:

I’m in Edinburgh and I’d definitely be interested in something like this.

Sorry for late reply. I saw your IRC message about it and was waiting for the email notification to arrive so I could reply, but it never did due to a delivery problem that has now been fixed.

I’d love to help with something like this. I’d recommend against holding it at the Hacklab though — it’s not really an open venue, or is it particularly suited to meet-ups.

There are lots of meet-ups at CodeBase, so we could try talking to them, or alternatively, if anybody has anything to do with the university I wonder if they could probably book us a room in an evening there? There’s lots of good meet-up rooms there.

I am in the university, however for the evening they charge money also for students: