NixOS Meetup in Munich (actually Garching, @ TUM) on the 12th May 2023

Hello there,

Me and @Mic92 are meeting up in Informatics Department of TU Munich (OSM)). Location: Room 01.07.058, first floor, Boltzmannstraße 3, 85748 Garching bei München
You can reach this from Munich with the U6 (and your 9 49 Euro-Ticket :slight_smile: ) (end station: Garching Forschungszentrum)
We will start at 18:00 on the 12th May.

More information on how to get into the building closer to the date.
If you are interested in coming as well, please leave a comment here.


Friendly reminder that this is happening this week!

I live in Nürnberg and am Probably leaving Work between 14:00-15:00 and the train ride would take ~2h :thinking:

Okay I decided, I guess I’m taking the train to Munich, will also bring two Friends with me :slight_smile:

The meetup is today and the doors in the informatic building should be open. Should you have problems getting in, just ping Mic92 in our matrix channel:

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How frequently does the Munich meetup take place? Won’t make it this time, but am generally interested as Munich is just ~2h30m from Bamberg. Hope y’all have a worthwhile and awesome time!

I will do another one in 2-3 weeks!

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:shushing_face: there will probably also be a meetup in Fürth(basically Nürnberg) in a few weeks at Nerdberg. (Still have to ask in the plenum to make it official)

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Hosted by Flying Circus.