NixOS Mobile on OnePlus 6

I was able to checkout GitHub - NixOS/mobile-nixos and build the default image in the git root and flash it to the phone. It boots NixOS but is stuck without ability to interact in any way besides triggering a shutdown.

Then I tried to build examples/phosh for enchilada flavor. I tried cross-compile on NixOS x86_64 and on NixOS aarch64-linux in a Hetzner VM. Build of master was failing. I guess i would require a working unique hash for an older state of the Nix store.

Unfortunately there are no pointers which release could be build successful before.

Anyone could point me to the necessary steps to have a image that boots with ssh support / desktop environment and touch keyboard?

You can try to check hydra to see when the last successful jobset was: Hydra - Evaluations of jobset mobile-nixos:unstable

nixos-mobile has clearly not seen much maintenance lately, so this might be a bit of a job. Good luck!

Hey having a similar problem.
Managed to get the device booting into nixos and enabled networking, set up the wifi config in the options and enabled openssh aswell as activated Autologin.
But the USBC dongle with keyboard doesn’t work and the phone doesn’t connect to the wifi network.
Did you make any progress?