NixOS monitoring - Webmonitoring

Hello guys, new here and enthusiastic with NixOS, this is also my first post so feel free to welcome me.

I am very appreciative of the capabilities NixOS is offering. So I would like your assistance into learning more about it, since I am new to this.

I am looking for tools to monitor a server, both web monitoring and monitoring tools available.

I tried looking for statsd, but when I tried installing it, it displays a message: “Marked as broken, refusing to evaluate.”

So are there any tools you can suggest me? I want to be able to monitor a server (Later on ideally 3 of them that are going to be almost identical with each other.

Also kindly added, a couple of questions of mine.
-How can I downgrade or upgrade an application I have installed? Like installing a different version
-Regarding security upgrades on an application, does it update automatically? Or do you have to update it? And I am guessing if so you can somehow schedule it to automatically search for updates.

Your replies and time put into them is very appreciated.

Kind regards

I found netdata easy to use. I added some abstraction: dotfiles/gogs.nix at 137666044114eceb54c4b374c70abdc1b4af2291 · Mic92/dotfiles · GitHub that is spread across all my services like:
Many people also use prometheus like our CI infrastructure: Prometheus Time Series Collection and Processing Server
A different combination could be telegraf + influxdb + grafana, since grafana also picked up alerting capabilities.
Finally there is monit, which is very basic however.

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