Nixos/nix docker image is not compatible with BitBucket pipelines


I wasn’t found info about issue tracker for nixos/nix docker image on docker hub.
Github issues doesn’t fit exactly and there is a lot of issues.
Today I tried to setup CI/CD on a git repository on BitBucket and pipeline fails just on nixos/nix docker images, meanwhile ubuntu and alphine are doing well in the same environment.

nixos/nix image doesn’t have a lot in /bin and /usr/bin and BitBucket pipeline depends on these basic bins.

I had to wrap stock image with:

RUN set eux ; \
    find /root/.nix-profile/bin -type l -executable | \
      while read a ; do \
        for p in /bin /usr/bin ; do \
          [ -f $p/$(basename $a) ] || cp $a $p/$(basename $a) ; done ; done

Where is repo for nixos docker images?
Could it be merged into it?