Nixos/nixpkgs spam HELP!

I am getting every notification message from GitHub - NixOS/nixpkgs: Nix Packages collection & NixOS. I am on holiday and don’t have my 2FA device with me. Can someone with admin privileges please stop the spam. It is actually starting to ruin my holiday.

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This is caused by being added to a team on GitHub, which makes GitHub automatically subscribe you to the relevant repositories. You should have received an e-mail with subject [GitHub] Subscribed to NixOS/nixpkgs notifications, which contains an unsubscribe link. I would expect that to work even without being logged in into GitHub.

@idontgetoutmuch I removed you from the org, hope that it fixes your problem! PM me once you’re back and I will re-add you.


I just noticed the same thing. Something definitely went wrong somewhere. I thought I had just fat-fingered something on github, but 2 people at more or less the same time cannot be a coincidence.

I don’t think any of the org admins can touch your GH settings, so your best bet is mail filtering rule if you can’t get to the GH interface.

@zimbatm thank you for taking pity on me - I will message you once I am back

@peterhoeg I just did that and @zimbatm has temporarily removed me from the group. Thanks - I will now go back to being on holiday :slight_smile:

@peterhoeg I’m sorry, I changed the nixpkgs-committers permissions and it reset GH custom notifications.

I’m getting spammed as well.

I used to get notifications for my PRs and PRs for packages I maintain. But today I’ve been getting a ton of emails for all sorts of PRs and merges.

@zimbatm, is it all correct with this procedure to give user commit and write permission to the nixpkgs repository?
I’m just a maintener of a few packages, but now I can even close any pull request on the repository. Should I be able to do that?


For the notifications, this setting was magically set to “All Activity” for me. Changing it back seems to have fixed the problem


I wrote a post-mortem here: Incident: some custom notifications for nixpkgs have been lost

Please move the conversation there so idontgetoutmuch doesn’t get spammed :slight_smile: