NixOS Office Hours 2019-11-29

It’s back

Hi all :wave:

It’s been a minute since we’ve hosted Office Hours for various reasons.
And by a minute, I mean its been an actual month since we’ve done it.
But @grahamc and I are happy to say everything should be in place for us to resume :star2:.


Friday November 29 2019.
At 3:00 PM America/New_York time (link is a local time converter)

This is a Zoom Meeting.

What to expect

We’re expecting to keep this pretty casual, you can expect pretty much the same style we had in

We’d like to have some of the following prepared beforehand

  • Issues you’d like to bring attention to
  • PRs you’d like some eyes on
  • Nix Related questions.

You can PM us this information, or comment on this thread.

And on the topic of questions, try to keep it in the scheme of this:
it could be answered in a way that everyone can capitalize on.

I mainly want to help people find their unique way to contributing to NixOS, and show there’s real people behind it. We’re present.

Let’s have fun :confetti_ball:.

Quick Links


Would it be too far fetched to cover something like running webservers (nginx) with Nix?