NixOS on the new Apple Macbook M1?

I’m wondering is it possible to install NixOS on a newer MacBook Pro M1? I have to admit, I didn’t notice that Apple has a new Chip out. It is arm “based” from what I read, so I fear that the arm installation guide doesn’t apply and I have to use a VM?

Thanks for clarifying this for me!

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In theory, the ARM installation guide would apply, but kernel and bootloader support aren’t really ready yet (though they’re getting very close). Keep an eye on Asahi Linux:

For now, though, you probably want to use a VM or Nix on macOS.


Thank you very much for your answer and the link to asahilinux, I didn’t know about it. I then will try to run a VM or use a different device even.

Any progress on NixOS on M1? Anyone tried it?

the problem is that the NixOS modules are pretty linux specific. If you want to have a NixOS-like experience, you should look into GitHub - LnL7/nix-darwin: nix modules for darwin

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I think they were talking about the status of adapting NixOS to use Asahi Linux’ work, not nix-darwin on macOS.


Oh, sorry.

IIRC, all of the asahi work is being upstreamed to the kernel. So eventually it will just be specifying a newer kernel.


It also requires a fairly involved boot loader.


Asahi Linux recently had their first formal release. They only officially support Arch Linux ARM, but their wiki links this guide to installing NixOS: nixos-m1/ at 504cf6108bdb4fc6a1aff5f455fbcac623bfa313 · tpwrules/nixos-m1 · GitHub