Nixos proxmox container


I tried essentially doing this:

I did the same thing but with build number 167245635 (except my storage volumes are a little different).

here’s my create command:

   pct create $(pvesh get /cluster/nextid)
    –description nixos-template
    –hostname nixos-template
    –arch amd64
    –ostype unmanaged
    –net0 name=eth0,ip=dhcp,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1
    –storage local-lvm
    –cmode console
    –features nesting=1
    –unprivileged true
    –template true

From the proxmox UI I just have a blank screen. When I connect thru pct enter it acts like I’ve gone into a minimal busybox session, where it doesn’t know any commands other than like echo, cd, etc…

Any idea why or how to debug?

Maybe I don’t know how to use the template once I’ve created it and used the cli to migrate it into proxmox.

I see it there on the left near the storages next to the other CTs/VMs I’ve created, but when I click on it, I don’t get any “start” button, so I went to the Create CT button and just selected that template as the container I was going to build.

Did I miss something?

I added the lxc.init.cmd: /sbin/init line to my conf file and it didn’t change.

I entered the container and ran /sbin/init& and got this:

<<< NixOS Stage 2 >>>

tee: /proc/self/fd/10: Permission denied
starting systemd...
Explicit --user argument required to run as user manager.

there’s also this one task error displayed in proxmox’s UI

client connection:
failed reading ticket: connection closed before authentication
TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /vms/102 --perm VM.Console -- /usr/bin/dtach -A /var/run/dtach/vzctlconsole102 -r winch -z lxc-console -n 102 -e -1' failed: exit code 1

update: there doesn’t seem to be any /proc/self/fd/10 in the container when I enter it.

Hi there! NixOS LXCs are finally supported on proxmox. See Proxmox - NixOS Wiki


great, I already migrated away from proxmox.

Maybe someday…