NixOS rebuild does not update (Flakes)

I ran nix flake update on my machine after two weeks without updating it, and it downloaded about 20 MiB, which was pretty small. Then I ran sudo nixos-rebuild switch --flake ~/nix/system#. and it told me that no changes were made. Any idea what could be causing it?

My Nix files are here: mars-monkey/nix

There’s probably something super obvious, but I can’t really think what it might be.

Did you git add your updated flake.lock file before running the rebuild?

Your flake.lock does point to the very latest commit of nixos-unstable (e6ab46982debeab9831236869539a507f670a129 at time of writing):

Your config is pretty small, what are chances that just actually nothing changed? What happens if you make a small change to your actual configuration (e.g. add a new package)?

I think I updated it since I posted.

EDIT: I need to do some more work on this issue and then I’ll repost, as it appears to be related to another issue.