Nixos recommended hardware configuration

I have recently installed NIXOS plasma on my pc. But it hangs when doing 2 tasks simultaneously and cursor also works slow.
My harware configuration:
Processor-intel pentium core 2
Hard drive-32 gb on which nixos is installed

Does nixos requires good configuration than this
If yes -than please suggest me a linux distro for this configuration
If no- than what should i do to work smoothly


With a “core2” probably no distribution would run smooth today…

Even less will modern graphical environments like KDE or Gnome3 when they only get 2GiB of RAM.

I have to be honest, but if you want to use a computer from 10 to 15 years ago, you probably need to use software that was current at roughly that time.

I myself have one laptop with a “Intel(R) Core™2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz” with 4GiB. It is already painfully slow, even though I use software that is much more CPU and RAM friendly than a KDE would be.

Rebuilding the system configuration or users configuration often makes the system go into OOM.

What I can really say, though what is not quite well suited to nixOS is the small HDD. Depending on your usage, the nix-store can quite quickly explode…

Despite hardlinking and daily garbage collection, the store on that old laptop tends to be in the area of 20GiB to 30GiB, though I am also making extensive use of GC rooted dev-environments to avoid constant rebuilds.

Can you please suggest me a linux distribution or any other os
I have to work on modelling and programming

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I doubt that you will be able to work efficiently in programming with that hardware.

My small laptop is barely able to handle its workload, and most tasks take me 4 to 10 times as long as they’d take on more recent hardware.

Also if by “modelling” you mean by any means 3D related stuff, then your hardware disqualifies itself, as it will probably not provide any hardware acceleration features and 3D modelling software often requires exactly that.

I’d take a look at the hardware requirements of the modelling software you are required to use and on the languages toolchains requirements that you need to work with and buy new hardware that matches those requirements.

Then any operating system that is able to run your software would suffice.

Thanks very much for the reply

So please suggest any light os , which is sufficient for normal work.

As I said, I’d suggest recent hardware, as the hardware is barely capable of “normal” work, depending on your definition of “normal”

To be honest, that hardware will probably even fail to browse modern websites.

As I said, check for the requirements of the software that you are required to use and choose among the options left.

Ok i am only going to browse websites and open pdf than what os can be capable to run on this hardware .

Very old os can also be helpful can you please suggest me any old os that is meant for this kind of hardware

Not a Linux distribution, but the BSDs (e.g. FreeBSD or OpenBSD) generally have low hardware requirements. Another option could be e.g. Slackware Linux or Arch Linux.

But as @NobbZ says, regular desktop environments will probably be slow. So you either have to use a lightweight desktop or a plain window manager.

At any rate, I think you’d get better answers on a general Linux forum like LinuxQuestions or /r/FindMeADistro.

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Ok thank you for thr reply

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So please suggest any light os , which is sufficient for normal work.

NixOS is one of the worst distributions to come and ask this question, really (given that the package manager RAM requirements are larger than the total RAM of your hardware). Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD. says antiX and Puppy are popular options in the old-hardware category


Ok i will try it .

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