Nixos stuck in boot loop , older generation unavailable

I got this weird issue that happened randomly after few days i updated the nix system but not right after the update hence random .

nixos should be immutable so idk why it happened.

  1. I’m not able to boot. All the systemd services, sshd service , home manager service , oom killer service basically everything keeps failing on boot . Finally It keeps looping on display manager failed to start after every 1 min, assuming it’s related to nvidia I Can’t even access terminal with alt f2.

  2. I can’t access older configuration errors with init script /nix/store…… file not found reboot or ignore

  3. I tried to rebuild with live usb mounting the fs doing nixos-enter and nixos-rebuild on config but failed with doas authentication failed

Last option I have is to copy my data and reinstall everything but before that I post here for reasons and possible solutions.

If you’re able to, try to add rescue or emergency to the kernel command line using the bootloader. That could allow you to rescue your system.