NixOS Tvheadend and dvb-c TBS5580

Hello everyone.
I recently discovered this operating system and I find it great.
Since I am a beginner, please help me with some tips.
I would like to use Tvheadend with a dvb-c card from TBS (5580)
Is there anyone here who has done this?
Tvheadend is easy to install, but the dvb-c tuner drivers don’t know how to install them.
The drivers I want to install are here:

Thank you.

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Since this is slowly falling down the up-to-date post list, let me at least give this pointer: Building kernel modules on NixOS — Practicing Pragmatism

This will be mildly complicated, as you’ll have to build the module yourself and somehow get it into the kernel. The zfs and nvidia modules in nixpkgs can also serve as inspiration.

I’d love to see how you did it if you do manage to :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply TLATER,
It’s too complicated for me, but i’ll try :slight_smile: