NixOS unable to download or takes insanely long time

For some reason, a lot of times whenever I try to do a nixos rebuild switch or a home manager switch downloads take an INSANELY long time, and I am unable to diagnose the issue.
Here are the results from the script:
Also speedtest shows me 100mbps as well
Anyone have any ideas?

(my dotfiles: drishal / dotfiles · GitLab)

EDIT: seems like if I change my location to some other country using a (proton) VPN for downloading I can finally get a decent speed…is there any way to change the location by default from wherever pulls from? or else sort the download servers by speed instead of ping/region?

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Had a similar problem on a Laptop (while other machines on the same network had fast downloads) and solved it using the beta cache:

tbh speeds are still bearable on the beta cache, but still a bit slow for a 100mbps connection (downloads go like 1mb/s)

Could this possibly be related?

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Hmm seems to be highly possible that this could be a related issue as it began happening at the same time they mention (i.e a couple of months back)

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