Nixos-unstable disappear?

Why did “nixos-unstable” disappear from the package site [1]?

[1] NixOS Search - Loading...


Probably related to Announcement: Moving to Netlify - #3 by garbas

It is no longer there since:

though I don’t quite understand why…

Having both nixos-unstable and nixpkgs-unstable seemed a bit superfluous. But if there is demand we could bring it back.

I have seen a couple inquiries on IRC about that.

We should put it back, if only for the fact that this reduces confusion.

Though, there’s one more reason I think that helps. The (albeit superfluous) install commands have the prefix nixos.* and nixpkgs.* depending.

I thought that nixos-unstable and nixpkgs-unstable advanced on different jobsets.
Where nixpkgs-unstable had less constituents (maybe good for macos) and nixos-unstable is tested the same as nixos always is. (I mean constituents)

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