Nixos-unstable's iso_minimal.x86_64-linux is 98.473% reproducible!

The past couple evenings I’ve been hacking on a tool to track reproducibility of NixOS. Here is the first result: This will rebuild automatically each week.

98% is very good, but we can do better! Check it out and send patches improving reproducibility of packages. Note I’ve already sent patches to fix Perl :slight_smile:.



Cool stuff :nix_parrot:

I wonder why there is python2.7-pytest-3.9.3 and ninja in the image, those shouldn’t be there.
UPDATE, I suppose you are not comparing the iso content but also all involved build tools?

Competitor is 90% reproducible

That page shows reproducibility of all packages they support. This post is just about the installation iso.


Right! I build every .drv involved in the production of the ISO.

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