Nixos-vm-examples: A collection of examples on how to build NixOS VMs

New project I just made because I got annoyed that I can never remember how to build NixOS VMs well:

Please contribute your VMs :slight_smile:



How does it compare to the nixos-generators project?

I think the main difference is that it’s not a tool to turn your config into something that works against a specific target, but instead a collection of examples.

E.g. the example I’ve added so far show specifically how to make a VM that tests the effect of my GRUB PR (or other such changes to the bootloader), and recently I helped building a VM for a friend to make a reproducible environment for building the code coming with his scientific paper publication, which could also be added.

In other words, it tries to solve the problem of “to see how can I use NixOS VMs to solve my problem, I first want to look at some existing examples”.