NixOS webzine announcement


the domain moved to , paid by @manheraz <3


Should we think of this as a spiritual successor to NixOS Weekly? Would it be useful to connect those somehow, or is it better for the spirit and vibe of this thing to be less official/singular?

I didn’t know about NixOS weekly. What’s sure is the webzine is a different project and not trying to continue the NixOS weekly. :+1:t3:

Ok. As someone who enjoyed reading NixOS Weekly and is excited about your new zine, I think it would be okay to add a link to it at, since one of the things they both seem to do is aggregate news, announcements, and writing related to the Nix community and ecosystem. People who enjoyed reading the defunct one but who might have missed your announcements would probably want to hear about the web zine!

Just wanted to raise that possibility in case it’s something you wanted to pursue. Totally fair if it doesn’t seem necessary or appropriate to you though

Maybe in the future I could continue NixOS weekly instead of the webzine. I’m wasn’t aware of it, so it started on my own way. Let’s see how things evolves, if I can keep the pace, maybe.

Also, the information on the webzine are stored in nix expressions, it should be super easy to extract them to generate the NixOS weekly from it.


Awesome. Either way, thank you for your editorial work!

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