NixOS Weekly #05 - Cachix private caches, Termux, Artwork for 19.03, a rant


Thanks, the rant is definitely interesting.

Curious: why the sudden use of the link shortener?


It’s now automatically posted here from RSS feed on weekly. Sadly there’s no way to avoid the shortener (tracking).

I’m actually trying to dissociate from Termux-the-distro in a followup project and only reuse Termux-the-terminal emulator, running Nix directly on top of Android. If the title is still editable, I’d prefer it to mention Android and not Termux. If it’s not, don’t lose much sleep about it though. Anyway, I’m flattered and grateful for the coverage.

It’s too late now, but once you make further progress you can post another update. I think we all know nothing in software is for granted :slight_smile: