NixOS wiki now with translations

We enabled the translation extension today in

The way it works is that existing articles can be marked as ready for translation and than can be translated paragraph by paragraph. You can check out this video to find out how it works: Help:Extension:Translate/Page translation example - MediaWiki


Shouldn’t we make sure there is working quality assurance for the English articles?


That’s also an independent effort is also being worked on: Contribution Page: "Manual of Style" · Issue #98 · NixOS/nixos-wiki-infra · GitHub if you want to help out.

I just started translating the Hydra article to German and I think translating is actually a nice opportunity to do quality control as well, because for translating you have to read the original in detail anyway.

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The start page is almost complete in French: Wiki NixOS - NixOS Wiki

Yep, I started translating it but I have an issue with units which contain an external link :frowning:

I get this error:

Publishing the translation failed: Unknown error occurred.

Any idea?

Also, I don’t understand why but the first blocks of the columns just show {{{3}}} for some reason. I did the same operations with other blocks and they are displayed as I would expect.

oh, maybe I need to enable exceptions to see what the issue is.
Can you open up a github issue for me later to look? GitHub - NixOS/nixos-wiki-infra: This project contains the setup of

Done: Unknown error occurred on publishing translation with external link · Issue #121 · NixOS/nixos-wiki-infra · GitHub :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mic92 Is there any chance I could translate the sidebar to french? I don’t seem to have the permissions to do so.

Join the matrix channel: someone can give you access there.