Nixpkg containing all X11 dev headers?

I’m trying to compile a X11 program, and am updating my devShell to add the various dev packages to get the X11 include files available.

However, each X11 header seems to have its own package. I started by adding Somehow X11/X.h was still missing, so I add xorg.xorgproto. Then the list goes on.,,,, … Each one I add, there’s another missing that other headers reference.

Is there a way to grab all of them at once? Maybe a meta package that includes all X11 headers?

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++ lib.mapAttrsToList (attr: value: if (lib.hasPrefix "lib" attr && attr != "libAppleWM") then value else null) xorg

Special-casing libAppleWM because it’s apple only and doesn’t eval on linux

If filtering wasn’t needed then lib.attrValues xorg would work.