Nixpkgs-22.05-darwin hydra jobset disabled?

I just tried to update my nixpkgs release-22.05 based flake, and noticed that there are a ton of rebuilds necessary; and sure enough, the nixpkgs-22.05-darwin jobset on hydra was disabled on September 26… guess that would explain why ~nothing is cached on the nixpkgs substituter at the moment.

But I wonder: Why was the jobset disabled? Will it be turned on again? Where can we follow the status of this infrastructure?

@vcunat disabled it to have builders for staging-next-22.05 (see You're invited to talk on Matrix)


If you’re using darwin on 22.05, why don’t you base the flake on the nixpkgs-22.05-darwin channel? (i.e. the git branch of that name)

Details. I made darwin skip one staging-next-22.05 iteration. It’s already catching up with binaries for the next one in

Mostly because I was unaware that this branch exists and what it does. Is that updated for successful darwin builds?

All channels have their git branches updated in sync.

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Makes sense - the nixpkgs-22.05-darwin channel (or any with a -darwin suffix) is just not mentioned in the docs you linked. Are all channels named after the jobset that builds them?

(Also, unfortunate but the emacs-overlay relies on a recently-backported fix that made it into release-22.05, which isn’t in nixpkgs-22.05-darwin; now that I’ve popped my yak stack, this is why I ended up bumping the nixpkgs version in the first place.)

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Now it should be all caught up, including the channel.