Nixpkgs supply chain security -- phase 2 proposals (STF)

There’s about a month left for the Nixpkgs supply chain project funded by the Sovereign Tech Fund (STF) to deliver on the stated objectives.

The the STF investment program offers an opportunity for a second round of funding “to build on top of what was accomplished in round 1”.

Again, I invite anyone interested in developing proposals, and available to implement them between January and April 2024, to participate in planning deliverables. We will follow roughly the same process as we had for the initial application.

The deadline to hand in the funding application is Wednesday 2023-12-13 17:00 CET.

Please join the associated public Matrix room to coordinate and add to the collaborative scratchpad linked in the room description. The results will again be shared on GitHub to keep around for reference until the project is done. I’ll be available for writing and review sessions, and you can schedule time with me as needed.

My own assessment is that getting the second phase funded is a lot more likely than succeeding at the initial application – assuming the first phase delivers as promised. Depending on interest we may have to curate the proposals to present a consistent narrative and convincing package.


Hi everyone, unfortunately our phase 2 proposal was declined. But we can still apply for general funding.

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