Nixpkgs Tops Repology Stats

It looks like since three days ago we are topping several of the most significant Repology statistics:

We have the most metapackages up to date.

possibly in part due to haskellPackages now being exposed Maybe somebody knows what happened?

Anyway if this is correct and not an artifact, congratulations are in order!


Yes, I believe this is just because of adding Haskell and R packages into the list: Include haskellPackages and rPackages in the generated package index. by peti · Pull Request #201 · NixOS/nixos-homepage · GitHub

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Congrats to the Nix Community!

This “Repository size/freshness map” from Repology is fun:


52 package difference between AUR and nixpkgs unstable for total number of packages!


We need to beat that difference!

I expect merging add coqPackages, idrisPackages, nodePackages, quicklispPackages to package list by ryantm · Pull Request #228 · NixOS/nixos-homepage · GitHub will do it.

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What about the “difference set” - specifically, packages in AUR but not in nixpkgs? Can Repology point them out?

Yes, here is the non-api version of that search: Projects list - Repology

This one shows in AUR and not in nixpkgs unstable, and in 3 other repos: Projects list - Repology


Hello, @ryantm! Is it possible to filter Repology by the license of the upstream packages? I was looking at the packages not in Nixpkgs , but there are some closed-source ones in that pool…

It doesn’t support filtering searches by package type, but if you use the API you can personally filter your result list by the licenses. API - Repology