Nixpkgs-xr: Nightly packages for XR/AR/VR tools and apps

The FOSS XR/AR/VR space is slowly becoming more mature. In an effort to support this use case on NixOS, I have been working on improving the user experience, in part by packaging some popular apps and tools in Nixpkgs.

Because of the fast pace and unstable nature of these tools and apps, I have been maintaining nixpkgs-xr as an overlay and package collection with automated updates. This is similar to repositories like nixpkgs-wayland, though obviously limited to XR/AR/VR packages.

Currently, this repository provides the following packages:

  • Monado (monado): Free and Open Source OpenXR compositor
  • OpenComposite (opencomposte): Translation layer for OpenVR (SteamVR) games on OpenXR
  • WlxOverlay-S (wlx-overlay-s): Wayland/X11 desktop overlay for OpenXR and OpenVR
  • Index camera passthrough (index_camera_passthrough): Valve Index camera passthrough overlay for OpenVR

Using the Monado NixOS module, you can get a FOSS XR environment on your system and use OpenComposite to play SteamVR games.

If you need help or just want to join a community of XR enthusiasts on Linux, take a look at the Linux VR Adventures Wiki and join the Discord/Matrix space.

I would also like to shed some light on some PRs that deserve some reviews by people who have the necessary hardware: