No audio devices with pipewire on Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th gen

I’ve been trying to debug this for three months now but to no success, please help!

here are the outputs of aplay -L, wpctl status, lspci and dmesg | grep audio

here is the full dmesg:

here is the status of related systemd services:

I’ve googled all of these obscure errors but couldn’t find a proper fix and I’m quite lost

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Maybe make it a bit easier for others to understand. What exactly are you trying to debug? You get no audio device with pipewire, is that correct? Does it work with pulseaudio? Does it work with pipewire on distros other than NixOS?

I’m trying to get sound working on this device.
It doesn’t work with pulseaudio nor pipewire on nixos but works with both on Arch.

Can you post a codeblock with your configuration.nix containing all sections related to sound or pulseaudio/pipewire?

sound.enable = false;
security.rtkit.enable = true;
services.pipewire = {
  enable = true;
  alsa.enable = true;
  alsa.support32Bit = true;
  pulse.enable = true;

I had similar problem on my X1 Carbon 11th gen, i solved it by installing pkgs.sof-firmware.

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